New Toyota C-HR: the hybrid car revolution with luxury design

The new Toyota C-HR is not content to repeat itself, but offers design and luxury at new levels. The second generation of the high-sitting coupe features four hybrid powertrain variants, including an all-wheel drive option, and dimensions that are based on the idea, not the generalised trend. 

The anvil-like Hammerhead front end and flush door handles are just some of the aesthetic innovations, while the cabin combines technology and good quality plastics, with a 12.3-inch digital cockpit and touchscreen depending on version. The 64-tone LED lighting system is fancy but can also signal emergency situations. 

The Toyota C-HR proves to be a fascinating new addition to the market.

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Toyota C-HR: the industry's anti-placebo.
The automotive industry is constantly trying to innovate to drive the market and increase its sales, but staying different and innovative is not easy. Toyota C-HR, however, has no intention of repeating itself and is proof that originality pays off.
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The second generation Toyota C-HR
The second generation Toyota C-HR includes four hybrid engine variants, with power outputs ranging from 140 hp to 223 hp, as well as the option of all-wheel drive. But the innovation does not only concern the mechanics: the length of the car is shorter than previous models. The length of 436 cm is even shorter than the 439 cm seen so far, i.e. three centimetres that are then recovered in width, up to 183 cm.
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A car that doesn't go unnoticed
The design of the Toyota C-HR does not go unnoticed: the front is characterised by the distinctive shape of the headlamp anvils, while the bonnet is sporty and the carved ribs create a unique style. In addition, the door handles are flush with the bodywork, a first for Toyota.
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Remote controls
In the first generation of the Toyota C-HR, the focus on design was mainly on the exterior, with little room for interior trim. In the second generation, however, the dashboard is wraparound and the user interface is functional, with a wide range of connected services. The MyT control system also allows the smartphone to be used to control the car remotely.
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The lighting system
The LED lighting system with 64 different tones follows the solar cycle during 24 hours and can also signal emergency situations, such as too hot or the risk of a collision.
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Hybrid engines
There are four hybrid engine variants with power outputs ranging from 140 hp to 223 hp, but all-wheel drive is also an option. We will have to wait until October to know the prices, but the ambition is clear as of now. It immediately goes against the trend when it comes to body dimensions - think about the idea, not the generalised trend that sees the size of models progressively increase from one generation to the next.
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