Lexus LBX: the new compact crossover that wants to conquer Europe

Lexus enters one of the most popular segments in Europe with the LBX, a compact crossover that aims to stand out from the competition. 

Inheriting the Yaris Cross platform, the LBX has a stiffened body, wider track and an upgraded battery for the full hybrid powertrain that increases its power and range in electric mode. 

But where the Lexus LBX really makes a difference is in the cabin, with a raised centre console that gives the feeling of being in a higher class car. 

Available from February 2024, the price is expected to be around 35,000 euros.

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Designed in Europe for Europe
Lexus presents its new LBX compact crossover, which enters one of the most popular segments of the European car market. The aim is to increase the Japanese manufacturer's presence in our markets. The LBX inherits the platform from Toyota's Yaris Cross, but has important technical and styling differences.
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Under the hood
The Lexus LBX's mechanics consist of an updated full hybrid powertrain consisting of a 1.5 litre naturally aspirated 3-cylinder engine combined with an electric unit and CVT gearbox. System output reaches 136 hp, torque 185 Nm, while the new nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery better supports the electric motor during acceleration, expanding the car's all-electric driving capability. All-wheel drive is also available with a second electric motor positioned on the rear axle.
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The design of the Lexus LBX is unlike the rest of the range. The front features a new hourglass motif, with an element connecting the two headlights. The side is marked by two ribs in the door area and distinguished by the glossy black C-pillar. The rear has simple shapes with horizontal lines that emphasise the width of the car and a headlamp composed of a long strip of LEDs.
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The interior
The cabin of the LBX is one of the car's strong points, with comfortable seats and a driving experience reminiscent of higher class cars. The raised centre console gives the feeling of being in a larger car, offering convenient storage compartments at the top and bottom.
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The technological equipment lives up to expectations, with all level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistants and a modern touchscreen multimedia system with a 9.8-inch diagonal.
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Unofficial price
Space on board the Lexus LBX is sufficient for all occupants, but the fifth seat is uncomfortable due to the raised and rigid seating position. The boot has a capacity of 332 litres, adequate for the segment. The Lexus LBX will be available for order from next October, with first deliveries scheduled for February 2024. The price list is not yet known, but it is expected to start at around 35,000 euros.
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