New Maserati GT2: a triumphant legacy for racing

The Maserati MC12 finally has an heir. It is the Maserati GT2, unveiled in Belgium during the historic Spa 24 Hours. The aim of the newcomer is to repeat the successes of its ancestor, dominating the track from 2005 to 2010. 

The GT2 encompasses the best of the MC20 sports car, with its powerful 630 bhp Neptune V6 engine. Designed for private teams and gentleman drivers, it will make its debut in 2023 and participate in the entire 2024 season. 

Technical features include MTC technology based on F1 engines, an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre monocoque and a lightweight full composite body. Futuristic design and a minimalist cockpit complete the profile of this new mechanical and engineering gem.

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The new heir to the Maserati MC12, the Maserati GT2
The House of the Trident revealed the new Maserati GT2 in Belgium during the Spa 24 Hours, a highly anticipated event in the international motorsport season. The aim of this car is to replicate the successes of its ancestor, the Maserati MC12, which dominated tracks around the world from 2005 to 2010. The Maserati GT2 exploits the best potential of the MC20 super sports car, in a racing version. Propelling this car is an exceptional Neptune V6 engine, which delivers an impressive 630 hp in the road version.
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Designed for private teams and gentleman drivers
Maserati designed and built the GT2 as a racing car dedicated to private teams and gentleman drivers. This car is designed to participate in championships or individual events reserved for the GT2 class. The first outings of the Maserati GT2 are planned for the final stages of the Fanatec GT European Series in 2023, with the aim of participating in the full season in 2024.
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Innovative technical specifications
The Maserati GT2 features some very interesting technical specifications. These include MTC (Maserati Twin Combustion) technology, a patented innovation based on F1 engines. The car also features an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre centre monocoque, which guarantees an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The lightweight full composite body is designed to maximise aerodynamic characteristics, improving vertical load and drag.
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Futuristic design and sophisticated interior
The Maserati GT2 features a futuristic, eye-catching design with a minimalist, sculptural interior that echoes the extreme lines of the bodywork. The dashboard is made of carbon fibre and features an integrated 10-inch display. The car can be customised with a Maserati Corse-specific paint and livery option called Blu Infinito. All in all, the Maserati GT2 is a jewel of mechanics and engineering, with innovative technical solutions and a state-of-the-art cockpit, dedicated to the racing teams and gentleman drivers who will participate in the GT2 championships.
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Cutting-edge details and comfort
In the Maserati GT2, particular value was placed on developing the correct aerodynamic load balance. The fairing has been specially developed to work in synergy with the front splitter and rear wing, and is equipped with a quick-release detachable bodywork to facilitate component replacement. The chassis features high torsional and flexural rigidity, while the power steering is fully electric. The suspension and electronics are race-specific components, with adjustable dampers and anti-roll bars.
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