Volkswagen ID.7, the electric fast-back sedan that promises 700 km of range

Volkswagen ID.7 is the German brand's flagship ID model. The new ID.7 electric travel sedan is scheduled to be launched in the fall of 2023 first in Europe and China. North America will follow in 2024. According to initial internal estimates, the ID.7 Pro S with 86 kWh (net) battery will allow a range of up to about 700 km.

In contrast, the VW ID.7 Pro with a 77 kWh (net) battery will achieve a range of up to about 615 km. The ID.7 will be the first Volkswagen to debut a head-up display with augmented reality as standard. High ride comfort with new seats with climate control and massage function and new climate control with intelligent air vents

Made in Germany: Volkswagen will produce the new ID.7 for Europe and North America at the German electric mobility plant in Emden.

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A large electric sedan
The ID.7 is a great electric Volkswagen for long trips and quietly circulating in the city. The aerodynamic design of the fast-back sedan focuses on sharp, flowing lines. The new ID.7 is a unga 4,961 mm with a long wheelbase (2,966 mm) and short overhangs.
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Elegant and vigorous silhouette
On the side, the windshield surround and pronounced coupe-style C-pillar stand out. The roof and roof pillars are always done in gloss black. The roof moldings are in aluminum look. Another stylish feature of the elegant side design is the distinctive line below the base of the window; it runs with a sharp "cut" from the headlights to the rear, visually lowering the height of the ID.7 and giving the silhouette a strong positive energy.
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Aerodynamic front end
The ID.7's charismatic design is particularly characterized by its sculptural hood and LED headlights with the thin LED strip for daytime running lights and turn signals integrated into the top. An LED fascia joins the headlights. Below, in the bumper, side air intakes (air curtains) towards the wheel arches stand out.
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Rear clearly textured
At the rear, horizontal lines mark the width of the ID.7. The strongest one is an LED strip that extends outward to the LED rear light clusters at the extremes. It highlights the white central area of the LED strip, which only turns red when the light is activated. An important detail for aerodynamics and aesthetic characterization is the trailing edge of the large, wide-opening trunk lid. The feeling of vigor is conveyed by the bumper and diffuser underneath painted gloss black.
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New 15" infotainment
The central interface between man and machine is the visually separate 38-cm (15-inch) touch display of the next-generation infotainment system. The GUI and menus have been extensively redesigned with the aim of making operation of functions as simple, intuitive, and customizable as possible. The display has been divided into two always-visible touch bars and the Home screen.
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Elegant cockpit
The electric travel sedan from Volkswagen welcomes the driver and passengers with an elegant, completely redesigned cabin. Thanks to its long wheelbase, ID.7 offers particularly generous space for both the front and rear seats. The dominant detail of theID.7 interior is the softly padded dashboard in front of the driver and front passenger that features clear horizontal
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Made in Germany
In the second half of 2023, series production of the ID.7 for Europe and North America will begin in the German plant in Emden. The launch of the new flagship ID. model on the European market is scheduled for the fall; the start of pre-sales is planned for the summer. Also in 2023, the ID.7 will be introduced in China. Market introduction in North America will follow in 2024.
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