GAC Aion Hyper GT, presented the powerful Chinese electric car with a super competitive price

GAC, a historic manufacturer founded in 1955, has announced with its "electric" division GAC Aion a sports car (the second of the brand) called Hyper GT. The car shown to the public in its final form at the end of the year, during the Guangzhou Auto Show.

The GAC Aion Hyper GT is based on the new generation platform of the House, the AEP 3.0 that GAC will use for many of its upcoming electric cars.

Compared to the other GAC Aionbranded model, the Hyper SSR, this "GT" is positioned much lower and wants to present itself as a sporty electric but also accessible. Price, 40,000 euros.

foto GAC
An absolute novelty on the car market
Aion, one of the many brand of GAC Motor, took advantage of the Guangzhou Motor Show 2022 to present the brand  newAion Hyper GT.
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Looking for records
It is an all-electric four-door grand tourer that features a truly elegant design and adopts intelligent solutions that make it the production car with the lowest wind resistance in the world (Cx). In fact, it wants to conquer the primacy for the lowest "Cx" of the entire world scene.
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Style at the service of aerodynamics
The front is equipped with active bulkheads for cooling, while above 80 km/h the rear wing is raised. The front doors, called "Sky doors", open upwards at an angle of 43 degrees.
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For now, better than Tesla and Mercedes
With a "Cx" of 0.19, the Aion Hyper GT is aerodynamically better than reference models such as the Tesla Model 3, which reaches a "Cx" of 0.208, and the Mercedes EQS, which touches a "Cx" of 0.20.
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It is the second model of the GAC
This is the second model of the GAC in the Hyperline; The previous one, the Hyper SSR is a real dream car on sale at prices from Porsche ($ 184,000) with performance from 0-100 km / h in 2.3 seconds and was presented last September. The Hyper GT would be its four-door "little sister".
foto GAC
Super competitive price, but for now only in China
The car will be sold in China by the end of 2023, at a price that has not yet been announced in detail but which should be around, at the exchange rate, around 40,000 euros.
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