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Raven GTR, the Metaverse's first virtual hypercar revolutionizes the automotive

Sabelt and Raven Cars: the company is collaborating with the Italian start-up of digital luxury cars created for the Metaverse in the creation of an adrenaline-fuelled supersport car that blends technological research and uncompromising design in the cockpit. 

It is the Raven GTR, a roadster version of its 'big sister', the Raven GT, presented a year ago.

This unique project opens the door to a revolution in the automotive industry: the entry of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) into the Metaverse. From the collaboration between the two brands, in fact, a limited edition NFT (non-fungible token) will be created.

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A unique project
Sabelt, well-known car equipment company and Raven Cars, the Metaverse's first brand luxury car company, have collaborated in creating an NFT-certified virtual hypercar car.
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The new roadster of the Metaverse
The Raven GTR is a virtual roadster equipped with a special seat. As with all other cars produced by Raven Cars, the Raven GTR also has an NFT included in the 3D model of the vehicle for digital life on the web and in the Metaverse platforms.
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The automotive revolution in the Metaverse
Through the collaboration between the two brands, a limited edition NFT will be created, ushering in a revolution in the automotive industry : the entry of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) into the Metaverse.
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The DNA of the Raven GTR
The Raven GTR enriches the DNA of the car created by the Raven Cars team a year ago with special content resulting from technological research. the seat of the Raven GTR, developed as original equipment, was designed by Sabelt engineers following standard regulations for homologation.
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NFT technology for virtual certification of the Sabelt project
The collaboration between the two brands through NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology will virtually certify Sabelt's design of the 'Best Weight' OEM seat in the car, a concept-seat developed to achieve the lowest possible weight while maintaining the safety standards required by major OEMs.
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The seat structure of the Raven GTR
The seat back consists of an exposed carbon tubular structure that allows for either an 'extreme' seat, by installing a few pads, or a more 'comfort' seat with a uniquely shaped padding. The seat, on the other hand, consists of a structural shell, again in carbon, and a foam of a density of your choice.
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The Sabelt seat in the Metaverse
Thanks to the realization of the corresponding NFT, the Sabelt seat "Best Weight" and the car Raven GTR will be able to come to life in all Web3 virtual platforms, in simulation software, in video games, and also in film and CGI productions.
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The research and development activities of Sabelt: performance and safety
The study of this concept and all Sabelt products is the result of intensive research and development to achieve the highest levels of performance and safety.
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The collaboration with Feeling Visuel Studio
The collaboration between Sabelt and Raven Cars was enhanced by Feeling Visuel Studio, a Paris-based CGI specialist agency that brought the car to life with a set of realistic images of Raven GTR inside a Hangar. This launch represents a new step forward for the automotive industry in the Metaverse.
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Digital collectors
Raven Cars is in essence a virtual (and certified) luxury-car that, thanks to NFT technology, winks at the emerging (and growing) world of digital collectors.
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