Porsche Vision 357 Speedster: exclusive concept for the 30th Anniversary Goodwood Festival unveiled

Porsche celebrates the 30th anniversary of Goodwood Festival with a unique masterpiece, the Vision 357 Speedster.

This roofless version of the Vision 357 evokes nostalgic memories with its retro appeal, taking elements from Porsche's glorious past including the circular headlight design and a flashy number 75 on the bodywork.

Despite the nods to the past, its two electric motors deliver more than 1,000 hp, demonstrating that Porsche's future remains focused on speed and innovation.

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A unique specimen
Porsche is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Goodwood Festival of Speed with the new Vision 357 Speedster concept car, closely derived from the Vision 357 unveiled at the end of January 2023.This concept is intended to remain a one-off, meaning a production version will not arrive.
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The unique design of the Vision 357 Speedster
Design-wise, the Vision 357 Speedster is quite similar to the Vision 357 concept, except for the absence of a roof and a few other details. Compared to the coupe, the Speedster also features a lowered windshield that makes it look even more elegant.
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Historical inspiration in design
In its design, Porsche was inspired by the Porsche 356 of the past. For example, the circular design of the headlights is a definite nod to the past model. For the bodywork, the German manufacturer chose the colors Marble Grey and Grivelo Grey Metallic with some details in Miami Blue. The livery is also characterized by the presence of the number 75, a reminder of Porsche's first 75 years of history that will be celebrated in 2023.
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Distinctive details of the Vision 357 Speedster
The concept also boasts 20-inch magnesium wheels. For the design of the wheels, the manufacturer was inspired by that of past 356 A and 356 B models. To improve aerodynamics, cameras were used instead of mirrors. The concept offers only one seat, so the interior is all about the driver.
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Mechanical characteristics of the Vision 357 Speedster
Speaking of the mechanics, Porsche has only stated that this concept is based on the 718 GT4 e-Performance (the Vision 357 was endothermic). This means that the Vision 357 Speedster has two electric motors capable of delivering a total of 800 kW (1088 hp).
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