Lamborghini SC63: the hypercar that defies the rules with a revolutionary design and a 680-hp V8

The Lamborghini SC63 with its aggressive design reflects the Sant'Agata Bolognese company's bold approach to the world of hypercars. 

The design team, led by Rouven Mohr, customised every single component to ensure a competitive advantage. 

Unlike other manufacturers, Lamborghini chose to develop a 680 hp twin-turbo V8 from scratch. This makes the SC63 a unique competitor in the field of Hypercar-LMDh racing.

The SC63 is the manifesto of Lamborghini's serious intentions for its endurance programme.

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Anatomy of Lamborghini's SC63
The all-edge design in perfect Lamborghini style immediately tells of the aggressiveness with which the house of Sant'Agata Bolognese approaches Hypercar racing. In spite of a prescriptive technical regulation and conditioned by the BoP, the working group led by Rouven Mohr did not want to leave anything to chance. Every single component, including standard supply parts, was customised to secure a competitive advantage over the competition. The SC63 is the manifesto of Lamborghini's serious intentions for its endurance programme.
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A twin-turbo V8 with 680 hp.
Several manufacturers in the premier class have opted to start with an existing engine, both with a view to cost savings and reliability. But this is not the case for Lamborghini, which has preferred to develop a 680 hp twin-turbo V8 from scratch, specifically for the needs of the Hypercar-LMDh class. The 3.8-litre displacement is within the line-up average, albeit slightly larger than the all-wheel-drive Hypercars
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The choice of Cold V
The bull's V8 was born with the cold V configuration, i.e. with the two turbos mounted on the outside of the engine banks. According to Lamborghini's explanation, the choice serves to favour cooling and feeding, as well as lowering the centre of gravity. This is the difference with Ferrari's choice, which opted for the hot V, with the turbo in the centre.
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Customization of standard components
As is obligatory in LMDh regulations, the car is fitted with several standard supply components: battery from WAE, Bosch electric motor, six-speed gearbox from Xtrac. However, this does not prevent Lamborghini from customising every part, within the limits of the regulations. The gears, for example, are optimised according to the aerodynamic characteristics of the car and the delivery strategies of the two engines.
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Balance between chassis and aerodynamics
From the chassis and aerodynamic point of view, the aim of designers is to widen the window of use of the car. Load and drag limits are set by regulations and approved in the wind tunnel, but manufacturers can still make a difference. The goal is to ensure optimal balance and aerodynamic performance that remains close to the limit under all driving conditions.
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