The revolutionary LeSabre: the 1950s concept car inspired by jet jets

In 1951, the car manufacturer Buick presented the LeSabre concept car, created by the famous designer Harley Earl. 

Inspired by the new jet jets that dominated the skies, the LeSabre featured a 300 hp Buick V8 engine, an automatic transmission and new technical solutions such as a speed-dependent fuel injector and hydraulic jacks for the suspension. 

The car was also equipped with a humidity sensor that would independently activate the soft top in case of rain. A revolutionary idea for the time.

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The design inspired by jet jets
The LeSabre is a historic concept car designed by Harley Earl and produced by Buick in 1951. The entire car was conceived to reflect the design of the new jet jets that were appearing in the skies at the time. The name of the concept car itself is inspired by the North American F-86 Sabre, a war jet.
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The technical specifications of the LeSabre
The cabriolet was 5080 mm long and featured a 300 hp Buick V8 engine. The entire body was made of aluminium and magnesium. The LeSabre was a real test bed for new technologies, such as a 12-volt electrical system and an automatic gearbox, as well as the use of hydraulic jacks for the suspension.
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The innovative power system
The LeSabre was equipped with an innovative fuel system. In fact, the car had two fuel injectors. At low or medium speed, the first injector pumped super petrol from the first tank, while if driving at high speed, the second injector pumped methanol. The tanks were made of aluminium and were protected by a rubber casing.
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The automatic top
The LeSabre included a moisture sensor which, if it started to rain while the owner was away from the car, would independently activate the soft top, which would begin to close. This was an extraordinary innovation for the time.
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The air intake for engine cooling
To cool the engine, a large air intake was inserted into the front of the engine bonnet. And this solution became a stylistic analogy for many other cars later on. The LeSabre represents one of those concept cars that made automotive history.
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