The Ferrari F40 Grigio Nardò is a unique 1,000-hp jewel, but "nobody wanted it"

After two failed auctions, the Ferrari F40 Nardò Grey has found its lucky owner. This super sports car, prepared by Michelotto with no less than 1,000 hp, was snubbed by buyers despite its incredible power. 

However, at the third auction, one lucky buyer decided to shell out $2.75 million to take home this breathtaking supercar. 

Produced in 1989 and modified to race in the Ferrari/Porsche Challenge series, the car underwent a final restoration with a Nardò Grey colour scheme at 'Carrozzeria Z'.

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A splendid one-off
The splendid Ferrari F40 Nardò Grey that had been offered at auction twice in recent months, and which no one had surprisingly bought, has now been sold. The sale finally went through.
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1000 hp
The Ferrari F40 we are referring to is a veritable 'beast' of the road, a practically racing version of the legendary 'Rossa' of the 40th anniversary of the 'Cavallino Rampante', capable of unleashing an impressive 1,000 horsepower.
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Beautiful but a bit snubbed
It is already a stunning car in its original version. But in this version it represents a breathtaking excellence. It is a pity, however, that the super sports car itself has been somewhat snubbed by buyers.
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First auction
The first time the Ferrari F40 Nardò Grey went to auction was last August 2022.
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It had not been appreciated
However, no one decided to secure the car. Perhaps because the buyers were a little frightened by the price or perhaps by the fact that the 'Rossa' itself was not original but prepared.
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A third auction
The second time, the scenario was the same, which led to the latest precedent. The Ferrari F40 that 'nobody wants' went to auction for the third time, between 21 and 29 January at Barrett-Jackson's in Scottsdale.
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It took $2.75 million
This time, one lucky buyer decided to shell out $2.75 million, about EUR 2.54 million, to take home the super sports car.
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At the Ferrari/Porsche Challenge
The Ferrari F40 Nardò Grey was produced in 1989 and prepared by Michelotto. It was originally delivered to the Dutch dealer Kroymans Automotive, after which it was modified to take to the track in the Ferrari/Porsche Challenge series with a yellow livery.
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Passing hands
The car then changed hands again, at the hands of collector Michel Oprey, who decided to make it even meaner, reaching the incredible power of 1000 hp.
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An ending in Nardò Grey
Finally, the last transfer of ownership and restoration by 'Carrozzeria Zanasi' of Maranello, complete with Nardò Grey colour scheme, the current one.
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