Kia Picanto 2024: new features of an increasingly high-tech citycar

The Kia Picanto gets an update with major changes to the front end, new headlights with vertical development and full LEDs, and a light segment linking the daytime running lights on the GT-Line version. The mechanicals remain unchanged with body reinforcements to improve side impact protection. The 1.0 three-cylinder and 1.2 four-cylinder engines remain, with power outputs of around 70 hp and 85 hp respectively. There will be no mild hybrid version.

The interior features optional green or brown upholstery, a digital dashboard as standard, and a comprehensive multimedia system. 

In addition, new driver assistance systems have been introduced, such as door-opening warning, traffic-sign detection in the dashboard, automatic braking at junctions, and warning when the car in front is restarting while queuing.

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Restyling the front end
The Kia Picanto 2024 undergoes substantial changes to the front end, with the introduction of new headlamps with vertical development and full LEDs in the richer versions. The GT-Line, for example, features two upper elements that function as low beams and two lower depth elements. There is also a light segment linking the daytime running lights, although in the less wealthy versions there is only a grey strip.
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What's new in mechanics
The mechanicals of the Kia Picanto 2024 remain practically unchanged, except for some reinforcements to the bodywork to improve side impact protection. As for the engines, the three-cylinder 1.0 is retained and the four-cylinder 1.2 returns. Power outputs have not yet been announced, but are expected to be around 70 hp for the former and 85 hp for the latter. It is very likely that a LPG variant of the '1000' engine, which currently has an output of 65 hp, will also be available. Two types of gearbox will be available: a 5-speed manual or a single-clutch robotized version.
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Updates in the interior
The changes made to the interior of the Kia Picanto 2024 are detailed. They include the introduction of optional green or brown upholstery and colour-coordinated air vent surrounds. All European versions will be equipped with a digital dashboard as standard, with the central part configurable, while the speedometer and rev counter will have only minor differences in colour. The 8-inch multimedia system, with navigation and Apple CarPlay, will be included as standard for all versions (the latter only with a cable). In addition, a USB type C port next to a mobile phone charging plate will be present in some trims.
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Wide range of driving aids
The Kia Picanto 2024 now offers a wide range of driving aids, which are already present in the current range. These include blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and lane centring, which are rare features for a city car.
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New ADAS systems
With the restyling, additional systems are added such as warning of vehicles coming from behind when opening the door, detection of traffic signs displayed in the dashboard and automatic braking that also works at junctions. New devices are also introduced that warn when the car in front starts up again while we are queuing and that detect oncoming traffic from the sides during reversing manoeuvres.
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