Ferrari launches the SF90 XX Stradale: the most powerful supercar ever produced on the road

Ferrari has launched its new SF90 XX, the most powerful road-going model ever produced. With 1,030 horsepower and a host of aesthetic and technical innovations, this exclusive car brings the exclusivity of the XX Program to the roads.

The SF90 XX is available in both coupe and spider versions, both produced in limited editions and already sold out. It also features a list price starting at 770,000 euros. This extreme model features a number of distinctive elements such as its arrow-shaped front end and trimaran-shaped rear, with two more impressive outlets and a fixed wing.

Inside, the SF90 XX has a specific racing seat designed to provide maximum comfort during sports driving. The car is powered by a plug-in hybrid engine that combines an endothermic V8 engine with three electric motors, offering a total output of 1,030 hp.

The most powerful road model ever
Ferrari continues to expand its range and presents the new SF90 XX, the most powerful road-going model ever produced. This new vehicle raises the output to an impressive 1,030 horsepower, bringing to the road the exclusivity of the "XX Program" intended until now for supercars used exclusively on the track.
The Spider version with retractable hard top
In addition to the Stradale version, the exclusive SF90 XX Spider with retractable hardtop also debuts. Both models were produced in a limited run, with 799 examples for the coupe and 599 for the Spider, and are already all sold out. List prices start at 770 and 850,000 euros respectively.
A specific racing seat for maximum comfort and driving pleasure
A specific racing seat was designed for the SF90 XX Stradale, integrated with an exposed carbon fiber tubular structure and supports designed to enhance the pleasure of sports driving without compromising comfort. Thanks to this innovative solution, the seat has undergone a weight reduction of 1.3 kg compared to that of the SF90 Stradale.
The power of the plug-in hybrid system
The SF90 XX Stradale incorporates the SF90 Stradale's plug-in hybrid system, with an endothermic V8 engine integrated with three electric motors. This configuration allows the car to reach 1,030 horsepower, an increase of 30 horsepower over the SF90 Stradale. The high-performance battery also provides a range of 25 km in 100% electric mode.
Exceptional speed and performance
The SF90 XX Stradale, thanks to its motorized configuration, offers exceptional speed and performance. The front engines allow the car to reach a top speed of 135 km/h when the heat engine is off. A unique, adrenaline-fueled driving experience typical of Ferrari supercars.
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