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Ferrari F1 abandoned in a landfill: what this photo actually hides

A 2005 Ferrari F1 has been found in a car shed on the outskirts of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

This is not the same car that raced that year's world championship, driven by Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello, but a really well-made showroom replica.

The photo quickly made its way around the web, even causing outrage at the conditions in which such an exhibit is kept. The real Ferrari F 2005 was one of the most disappointing single-seaters produced by Ferrari: it achieved only one victory in the season, among other things after most of its opponents were eliminated, but it remains something any wealthy enthusiast would dream of owning.

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A Ferrari in a shed in Bulgaria
It makes an impression to see an abandoned Ferrari F1 in a parking lot in Sofia, Bulgaria. The photo has been circulating since mid-January, and although many have mistaken it for a real single-seater racing car, it is a "maquette", that is, a car without the mechanical racing elements. A display model, very well made, and abandoned to rot in solitude. An undeserved end.
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The condition of the single-seater
Looking closely at the previous image, we notice the absence of the rear wing, the presence of a debris on the front one, and also a huge piece of metal placed over the driver's seat, probably to cover and protect the more fragile elements such as the steering wheel and seat. Also, the number on the bodywork, written in a "children's" style. The logos and stickers however are a faithful replica of the originals, and in better times would have looked wonderful in private and public restaurants and showrooms.
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The clue to the non-authenticity of the Ferrari
In addition to all these details, there is one key thing to keep in mind: even in the case of "old" single-seaters, they are priceless objects, and it is therefore almost impossible for one of these cars to be dispersed in this way. In fact, these single-seaters reach dizzying prices: for example, in November 2022 an F2003-GA, the one dedicated to the late Gianni Agnelli, whose Lancia Delta Cabrio has recently come back into fashion, sold for as much as $14.5 million.
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Apparently it was from a Bulgarian dealership
Investigating the origin of this single-seater, some sites report it is a car that was owned by a car dealer in the Bulgarian capital in 2016 and that, following a restoration, he could not find a buyer and decided to abandon it to itself.
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Ferrari F 2005: one of Ferrari's worst single-seaters
In terms of on-track performance, unfortunately, the 2005 model was one of the worst in Ferrari's F1 history. In fact, in that season, Ferrari won only one GP (the one in the United States, thanks mainly to the withdrawal of all the teams Michelin, such as Renault and Toyota). In 2005 in fact the Bridgestone, which mounted Ferrari, did not work also due to a change in regulations. At the end of the season the points won by both single-seaters in red were just 100 (in the Constructors' championship).
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