Electric revolution: 1000 km range on a single charge thanks to solid-state battery

The electric car revolution looks set to enter a new phase thanks to China: electric vehicle manufacturer Nio has developed the first solid-state battery, which guarantees a range of over 1,000 km on a single charge. 

The innovation will be introduced as early as this summer on three different models, including the long-awaited ET7 saloon and the EC7 Suv-Coupé. 

The battery supplied by compatriot WeLion represents a step forward in terms of safety and performance compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. In addition, the network of battery swap stations allows battery replacement on any Nio model.

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From China with fury
The world's first electric car capable of travelling more than 1,000 km on a single charge could hit the market as early as this summer and will be produced by Nio, the Shanghai-based electric vehicle manufacturer. The solid-state battery with a capacity of 150 kW will be supplied by compatriot WeLion. Nio had announced the introduction of this new type of battery as early as 2021 and it seems that it could be available very soon.
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Nio models involved
The report filed with the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology does not specify the names of the three models on which Nio intends to use the solid-state battery, but it is assumed that they will be the ET7 sedan, the upcoming ES6 and the EC7 SUV-coupe. It is unlikely, however, that this technology will be used for older cars or for the ET5 hatchback, which wants to maintain a lower list price.
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Peculiarities of the solid-state battery
All batteries in Nio cars are interchangeable and easily replaceable through the network of battery swap stations. Users could then adopt the solid-state battery on any model on the road, simply by subscribing to the service. This feature makes Nio an attractive option for those who want to use electric cars without worrying about range and battery life.
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Solid-state batteries
Solid-state batteries represent a major step forward in the electric vehicle industry. They offer higher specific energy than lithium-ion batteries, a longer range and faster charging time. They are also safer and less prone to overheating problems, as they do not contain flammable liquids.
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Nio and WeLion
Nio has been collaborating with WeLion for many years, even before launching its first car on the market. This partnership has led to the production of increasingly efficient batteries. The Chinese manufacturer therefore seems intent on keeping up with the latest technology in the field of electric vehicles and offering its customers ever better products.
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