Fiat Topolino: the new microcar that conquers with its unique style

The new Fiat Topolino is the Italian cousin of the Citroën Ami, Italy's best-selling electric microcar. With a retro styling inspired by the 1957 Fiat 500, the Topolino features quirky details such as headlights, chrome bumpers and mirror shells. 

Available in two body styles, the Dolcevita version is perfect for the narrow streets of seaside towns. 

With just one colour, Verde Vita, and vintage-style wheels, the car has a starting price of 7499 euros with state incentives. The Topolino is a light quadricycle that can be driven by 14-year-olds with a driving licence, while a B licence is sufficient for adults.

With an 8 horsepower electric motor, speed is limited to 45 km/h and the claimed range is 75 km.

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Retro and fancy style
The Fiat Topolino comes with a decidedly retro styling, harking back to the 1957 Fiat 500. Retro details such as the headlights, taillights and front and rear chrome bumpers help give the car a nostalgic look. There is no lack of customisation, such as the mirror shells and the metal roof rack above the number plate.
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Two bodies and a single hue
The new Fiat Topolino will be available in two body styles: a more classic one and the highly original, doorless Topolino Dolcevita. Both will be available exclusively in the Verde Vita colour, with vintage-style rims.
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Prices and licenses
Prices start at 7499 euro (excluding accessories) thanks to state incentives, rising to 9890 euro for those who do not benefit from them. The Fiat Topolino is a light quadricycle that can also be driven by 14-year-olds with a driving licence, while a B licence is required for adults.
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Mechanics and autonomy
The Topolino shares the same mechanicals as the Citroën Ami, with an 8 horsepower rear-mounted electric motor and rear-wheel drive. Speed is limited to 45 km/h and the claimed range is 75 km. The 5.5 kWh battery can be recharged in about four hours from a domestic socket.
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Customizable interiors
Despite its small size (only 241 cm long), the Fiat Topolino comfortably accommodates two adults and also offers space for a small trolley in front of the passenger. The interior can be customised with accessories such as a USB-powered fan or a thermos flask in the body colour. In addition, a green Bluetooth speaker is available to connect to your smartphone to listen to your favourite music anywhere.
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Fancy accessories
Among the fancy customisations of the Fiat Topolino is an awning that can be rolled up over the roof to shelter from the sun. In the Topolino Dolcevita version there is also an installable shower to cool down after a day at the beach.
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A car made to stand out
All in all, the Fiat Topolino is a microcar that stands out for its retro styling, fancy customisation and compact dimensions. Thanks to its electric motorisation, it is also a sustainable choice for urban mobility.
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