Soar, the 105-meter raptor-inspired super yacht that flies on hydrogen

The 105-metre superyacht Soar, designed by David Weiss, is inspired by the elegance of large birds of prey in flight. Its polished black steel hull features pointed shapes similar to a bird's head, while the internal and external structure takes its cue from their skeletons. 

Soar is a fast cruiser powered by hydrogen fuel cells, with an estimated maximum speed of 30 knots. 

The interior can be configured in different layout options and includes open areas for entertainment and gallery-like spaces for displaying modern art.

photo David Weiss
A shipowner's wish
Soar, is a 105-metre superyacht commissioned by an owner from designer David Weiss. The designer was given the task of creating a vessel inspired by the flight of large birds of prey. The result is a yacht with a tapered, sinuous shape, with a shiny black steel hull reminiscent of a bird's head. The interior structure, on the other hand, is inspired by the skeleton of animals, and is characterised by large spaces and passageways between the decks.
photo David Weiss
The pointed shape of the bow
One of Soar's strengths is the pointed shape of the bow, which provides greater speed, efficiency and stability. The fast cruiser is powered by hydrogen fuel cells and has an estimated maximum speed of 30 knots. In addition, Soar has two helipads and a dedicated space to accommodate a small electric quadricopter.
photo David Weiss
Interior design
Soar's interior design is focused on entertaining, with large open plan living areas, open spaces carved out in the middle of the boat providing sheltered outdoor 'oases' and large gallery-like spaces for displaying modern art. Among the most interesting features are elevated platforms designed to display the owner's collection of F1-related sculptures and artefacts.
photo David Weiss
The configuration of the interior
Soar's interior has been designed to offer different layout options, taking into account the individual preferences of the future owners. The double pool configuration provides an aft pool for family leisure and a private owner's pool on the foredeck, with a figure-of-eight current system. Soar can also be built with the helm positioned on the main deck, freeing up the forward flybridge area to become a dedicated owner's suite.
photo David Weiss
The unlimited view of the sea
The concave shape of Soar's upper freeboard widens at the top, offering an unrestricted view of the sea below. This has allowed for more space on the upper decks, while maintaining a narrow waterline radius locked at 14.3 metres. The sinuous, flowing lines of the exterior are mimicked by the interior, with a central ring staircase winding through the decks and a collection of natural materials and fabrics.
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