Porsche Vision 357, the modern version of the Porsche 356 presented 75 years ago

It has been 75 years since, on June 8, 1948, the Porsche 356 No. 1 Roadster became the first car to bear the name of the famous German car manufacturer, effectively giving life to the sports car brand that today is one of the leading brand of speed.

Now, to celebrate this important anniversary, the German company wanted to launch the Porsche Vision 357, a concept that represents a tribute to the Porsche 356.

Porsche Vision 357, based on the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, is a tribute to the past, but also the best that brand can offer today.

photo Porsche
Design concept between past and future
Porsche Vision 357, past, present and future in one concept. On June 8, 1948, the 356 Roadsterwas presented, the first Porsche ever. 75 years after that historic moment, Porsche celebrates with this gift. 
photo Porsche
Heat engine
For the Porsche Vision 357 a choice that will surely be appreciated by fans of the brand is the presence of the thermal engine. And not just any, but the same 4.0 six-cylinder boxer of the Cayman GT4 RS with 500 hp, already converted for the possible use of  synthetic fuels.
photo Porsche
Visible similarities
Some details with the past of the iconic German sports car are evident starting from the style, characterized by a modern front, a rounded rear and flared wheel arches but not by the split windscreen, peculiarities of the first Porsche 356.
photo Porsche
Celebratory logos
Also catching the eye on the new Porsche Vision 357 is the special livery with the brand's 75th anniversary logos, which adorn the doors and bonnet, effectively giving the car the appearance of a racing car that can be driven on the road.
photo Porsche
Exhibition in Berlin
The concept will be exhibited at the Berlin Drive Forum on the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to the 75 years of Porsche to be held from January 27 until mid-February. Subsequently, the prototype will be present at many international events during 2023.
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