Mitsubishi Moonstone: the electric crossover of the future inspired by space

Mitsubishi and IED Turin have collaborated to present Moonstone, an electric crossover prototype conceived by 17 students from the Master's program in Transportation Design. Inspired by aerospace themes, the Moonstone is a concept that anticipates a possible future Mitsubishi multi-role vehicle.

The project, coordinated by the Mitsubishi style center, aims to combine ruggedness and off-road mobility with the aerodynamic demands of electric powertrains. No technical data were given, but the design includes all-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

The concept will be displayed at Mauto, the "National Automobile Museum," and may participate in other events such as the Milan-Monza Motor Show.

photo Mitsubishi/IED
The "Moonstone" project
Mitsubishi and IED in Turin presented a project developed by 17 students from the Master's program in Transportation Design, called Moonstone. It is an electric crossover prototype that took its cue from aerospace themes.
photo Mitsubishi/IED
Future multi-role Mistubishi vehicle 
The Moonstone concept foreshadows a possible future multi-role vehicle by Mitsubishi. The students, coordinated by the Mistubishi style center, were tasked with imagining the future of the crossover, the most popular vehicle type today.
photo Mitsubishi/IED
Meeting of different inspirations
The resulting vehicle is 4.66 meters long, 2 meters wide and less than 1.70 meters high, with styling that combines several inspirations. The project aimed to reinterpret the brand's styling cues and create a model that combines ruggedness and off-road mobility with aerodynamic requirements of the electric powertrain.
photo Mitsubishi/IED
Three ideas for the final model
Each student developed his own proposal, and three of these were selected to make the final model. No technical data were provided regarding power, torque and range.
photo Mitsubishi/IED
High mobility on "lunar" terrain
Moonstone is designed to provide high mobility on "moonscape" terrain, thanks to features such as rounded edges, high-positioned headlights, large wheels with 21-inch rims and all-terrain tires, ground clearance of more than 25 cm, and all-wheel drive.
photo Mitsubishi/IED
Guide by wire
Moonstone is equipped with an all-wire drive, with no physical connections between controls and mechanical organs but operated solely through electronic connections. The interior is not present on the full-scale model, but "renders" have been defined and rendered in three-dimensional images. The concept will be displayed at Mauto, the "National Automobile Museum" in Turin, before it can be presented at other major events, such as the upcoming "Milan-Monza Motor Show."
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