MG unveils the Cyberster, the electric roadster: thrilling performance and record-breaking range

MG returns to its sporting roots with the unveiling of the new Cyberster at the Shanghai Motor Show. 

The all-electric roadster combines the historic heritage of the British brand with a modern and innovative design, offering exceptional performance and a range in the region of 800 km. 

Inspired by icons of the past, the Cyberster features an elongated front end, vertical doors and a Kammback rear design. Available in Europe from summer 2024, the new MG Cyberster promises to satisfy electric sports car enthusiasts.

press office photo
We are at the Shanghai Motor Show
Renowned carmaker MG officially unveiled its new Cyberster at the recent Shanghai Motor Show. This all-electric roadster marks the company's return to its roots by paying homage to the style of the two-seater open-top cars that made its fortune in the past.
The Cyberster combines the historic heritage of the British brand with a new design that conforms to current models. The elongated front end, low nose and sinuous surfaces recall the vintage design, while the vertically opening doors and Kammback rear design underline the car's innovativeness.
Record-breaking autonomy
The Cyberster is built on the E-Motion platform, which guarantees excellent performance and a great range. According to official information, the less powerful version with a single 309 hp engine would cover 0-100 in less than three seconds and offer a range of around 800 km. The dual-motor version with over 530 hp could accelerate even faster, although presumably at the expense of range.
Market launch
The new MG Cyberster will be launched on the European market in the summer of 2024, but already the first official photos show the new model's fine details. The iconic design of the British car manufacturer and state-of-the-art electric car technology are successfully combined in this new model.
Will it be a success?
The new MG Cyberster sums up the company's mission to unite past and future by combining the brand's tradition with electric car design and innovation. It will be interesting to see how it will be received on the European market in a few years' time.
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