Laffite by Giugiaro: the 5 super-luxury hypercars ready to impress

The new electric hypercar manufacturer Laffite Automobili presents itself to the world with five different models, all electrically driven and full of Italian style and elegance. 

With the help of Gfg Style, Laffite Automobili has developed cars that range from off-road to touring or track requirements. 

The five models are: Atrax, Barchetta and LM1, with different versions available, all with a very similar design sequence. The reliable Italian company promises to be a new brand with great ambitions for growth.

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The new manufacturer of electric hypercars
Laffite Automobili is the new electric hypercar manufacturer named after its founder Bruno Laffite. The week of the Miami Grand Prix is the occasion to make its debut in grand style, with five different models ready to be launched on the market.
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Five full-electric super-luxury models 
The range includes five super-luxury full-electric models, ranging from off-road to touring or track requirements. These are top-of-the-range cars with a sporty DNA moulded by Italian style and elegance. The different versions come in three specific architectures, plus two other evolutions, built in record time under the stylistic direction of Fabrizio Giugiaro.
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The collaboration with Gfg Style
For the development of its cars, Laffite chose to rely on Gfg Style, an independent style centre that has demonstrated its ability to conceive a design focused on functionality and innovation. Gfg Style also moulded an identity for the new brand, supporting Laffite Automobili's high growth ambitions.
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Five models presented in Miami
The five models presented by Laffite Automobili in Miami range from extreme to more road-going versions. The most powerful model, Atrax, is a sporty hyper suv with an exaggerated and extreme shape, large volumes and generous roominess. Then there is the Barchetta, with its double windscreen and separate cockpits, and the Laffite LM1, a sports car derived from endurance racing but homologated for the road.
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The Fabrizio Giugiaro design 
Fabrizio Giugiaro focused on the front of the cars as the first objective to express the image of the new brand through the light clusters. All models have the same design sequence, but it is above all the lit Drl lights that are the real distinguishing feature. The design of the cars has been interpreted with inspiration from the safety innovations adopted in motor racing. The interior also follows the same design language as the exterior models.
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