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Rolls-Royce Ghost in all pink: the 'stunner' car is for an extravagant request

A wealthy customer's request for an all-pink Rolls-Royce Ghost is surely one of the strangest. The Instagram influencer, known as @ChampagneRose, spent four days choosing the bespoke colour, called Champagne Rose. 

Everything, including the interior, is pink with a few contrasts in black, as on the steering wheel. The car features a pink Starlight Headliner sky with 1132 fibre optic lighting elements simulating a night sky and built-in picnic tables, each with 5500 individual dots and over 30 hours of work. 

This is not the first time Rolls-Royce has produced a car in this colour. In 2013, they created a previous generation Ghost in this colour to support breast cancer treatment and in 2017, collector Michael Fux commissioned an all-fuchsia Rolls-Royce Dawn.

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A strange request
Among the more unusual requests made by wealthy customers is the all-pink Rolls-Royce Ghost, commissioned by Instagram influencer @ChampagneRose. The custom-made shade of pink chosen is actually called Champagne Rose, but it seems to be closer to the pink used by Barbie's toys.
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A customized car that took time
The customer spent a good four days analysing the Rolls-Royce car range, then composing a moodboard with hundreds of colour samples sent to the bespoke department, which was reduced to 30 samples before the final choice of the pink colour was made.
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Pink interior of excellent quality
The interior of the car is made of high quality materials and coloured pink. The seats, for example, took several days of prototyping and 14 hours of work for the final design. The Starlight Headliner is pink, with 1132 fibre optic lighting elements simulating a night sky. The built-in picnic tables are also pink.
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A riot of pink color
Also in pink are the door panels, the dashboard, the steering wheel rim and even the keys.
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This is not the first time
The pink Rolls-Royce Ghost has an identical design to the traditional Ghost, except for the custom-made colour. The rims are black while the inner frame of the window pillars and the thick outer romature are also in black. This is not the first time Rolls-Royce has produced a pink car. In 2013, in fact, the company had made a previous Ghost in this colour to support breast cancer treatment. In 2017, on the other hand, collector Michael Fux commissioned a Rolls-Royce Dawn in fuchsia.
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