Kia EV9, unveiled the massive 7-seat electric SUV 

The Kia EV9 presents itself like a sharp, boxy SUV with several design elements that evolve the Korean manufacturer's stylistic language.

The second "EV" in the Kia range offers a look with great personality, a spacious and versatile interior and very interesting powertrains. The cabin offers six- and seven-seat options and the second row features two 180-degree swivel seats.

The dashboard of the Kia EV9 has a minimalist look partially inspired by that of the EV6, with two 12.3-inch screens.

photo Kia
A big SUV
The Kia EV9 is the Korean brand's electric SUV with an original look, large dimensions, cutting-edge technology and a cabin for six or seven people with three rows of seats. It is its second 100% electric model and begins the start of a range in which five more zero-emission models will arrive by 2025.
photo Kia
Almost 5 meters
The new SUV, which will be officially unveiled at the end of the month and marketed towards the end of the year, comes with a robust build due to its length of just under 5 meters
photo Kia
The dashboard of the Kia EV9 has a minimalist look partially inspired by that of the Kia EV6, with two 12.3" screens each for the instrument cluster and infotainment easily accessible to the driver. The layout of the controls is quite unusual, with most of the buttons located on the steering wheel spokes and door panel.
photo Kia
Up to 7 seats
Three rows of seats can be found inside the passenger compartment, with the ability to carry up to 7 people. Two 180-degree swivel seats are provided for the second row.
photo Kia
Developed on the e-gmp modular platform, shared with the battery-powered Hyundai, the Kia EV9 was born exclusively as an electric car and will play a major role in the global roll-out of zero-emission models from the Kia brand. The design is one of the key elements: it does not follow a precise family feeling and deviates from other Kia models, creating new paradigms.
photo Kia
An off-road touch
Viewed from the side, the geometrically designed wheel arches and handles flush with the body are noticeable. Very distinctive is the roofline of the Kia EV9, which, like that of off-road vehicles, is horizontal. Kia EV9 is preparing for its world debut on markets in the coming months, when we will know its full technical specifications and prices.
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