GAC Vanlife, the self-driving motorhome with futuristic design

Travelling by motorhome is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the possibility of moving freely and discovering remote and unexplored places. 

But what if we could travel even further afield, without having to worry about driving or finding a place to sleep?

The idea of an autonomous motorhome, capable of driving itself and finding its own route, could soon become a reality.

Here is how the concept of autonomous motorhomes could evolve and its implications for the future of tourism on wheels.

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The project
The GAC Advanced Design Studio of Milan (Italy) has imagined the GAC Vanlife, an autonomous motorhome with extraordinary capabilities. A completely autonomous conceptual vision, designed to travel over all types of terrain, transporting passengers to the outdoor adventure or city of their dreams, of course, even when they are fast asleep on board.
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A concept
GAC Vanlife was unveiled at the Milan Design week, it is obviously not intended for production, but it is an interesting exercise in thinking about how advancing automotive technologies could improve the motorhome experience.
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But what do we mean by autonomous motorhomes?
We can define an autonomous motorhome as a recreational vehicle equipped with advanced autonomous driving and artificial intelligence technologies. Thanks to these technologies, the vehicle is able to drive itself, recognise obstacles and choose the best route.
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Energy management is also autonomous
In addition, the autonomous motorhome is equipped with energy control and resource management systems, enabling it to operate autonomously for long periods of time without the need to recharge or refuel.
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The future
The autonomous motorhome sector is still in its infancy, but there are already many companies working on prototypes and test models, as in the case of GAC. In addition, there are also many start-ups that are trying to innovate in the sector, with ideas such as the modular motorhome and the solar motorhome.
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