Mercedes unveils Vision One-Eleven, electric prototype revolutionizing sports cars

Mercedes has unveiled its new Vision One-Eleven concept, which combines dynamic design with all-electric propulsion technology. 

The prototype is inspired by the extremely aerodynamic mid-engined sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s, and features such as gull-wing doors and a copper-orange paint job reminiscent of the C 111. 

The interior of the car offers a new lounge concept reflecting the transition from self-driving sports car to autonomous electric vehicle. 

The technology makes use of a new battery concept with high-performance liquid-cooled cylindrical cells and two exceptionally powerful and advanced axial-flow motors developed by YASA, which not only have a high power and torque density, but also take up little space and are lightweight.

press office photo
A new concept car
Mercedes presented the new Vision One-Eleven concept, which combines a dynamic design language with an innovative all-electric drive. The extremely powerful and efficient axial-flow motor was developed by the British company YASA, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG as of July 2021. The prototype takes inspiration from the legendary C 111 experimental vehicles of the 1960s and 1970s, known for testing revolutionary Wankel and turbodiesel engines.
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A sculptural and distinctive design
The body of the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven is based on the One-Bow design from front to rear, giving the vehicle an extremely sculptural appearance. The copper-orange alubeam paint is an unmistakable reference to the distinctive colour of the C 111.
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A front end similar to the C 111
The front end is strongly reminiscent of the C 111, but the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven features a dynamic U-shaped front end and a highly profiled rear diffuser. The rear display is inspired by the shape of the front and has pixelated features in the red taillights. Gull-wing doors, opaque side windows and flared wings give the car body an even more aggressive air. The large-diameter wheels use a design inspired by motor windings as a reminder of the car's all-electric propulsion.
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Self-driving sports car interior
The interior of the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven reflects the paradigm shift from self-driving sports car to autonomous electric vehicle within the super sports car segment. In 'race' mode, the interior becomes that of a minimalist driving machine with an upright backrest and a compact driver-oriented touchscreen. In 'lounge' mode, the seats integrate into the interior sculpture for a completely different experience.
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Advanced battery and motor technologies
The battery technology uses high-performance liquid-cooled cylindrical cells with a new cell chemistry. The concept car is equipped with two incredibly efficient and powerful axial-flow motors from YASA. In addition to their power and torque density, the motors are remarkably light and take up little space, requiring only a third of that of current radial-flow motors.
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