Strong, powerful and adventurous, the new Ford Bronco is the American SUV ready to conquer Italy

Ford Bronco, the car that represents off-road without limits, arrives in Italy with the 'Outer Banks' and 'Badlands' models. 

The Bronco takes inspiration from the '66 model, but with state-of-the-art technology, a 335-horsepower EcoBoost V6 engine, and a high-strength boxed steel chassis. 

The body has four doors with a modular hardtop and the doors can be removed in just eight minutes. The four-wheel drive system is a semi-permanent 4x4 with manual engagement, and the traction management system has six G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) modes.

The Bronco is suitable for any type of terrain and has a fording capacity of 800 mm. The ride is comfortable, smooth and pleasant.

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Ford Bronco lands in Italy
The iconic Ford Bronco officially arrives in Italy, a model that represents off-road without limits. The new Ford Bronco takes its inspiration from the 1966 Bronco, with its round headlights and powerful appearance. Only two models will be available in Italy: 'Outer Banks' and 'Badlands'. Both share the same high-strength steel structure and the four-door body with modular hardtop.
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Under the bonnet
The engine is a two-litre Ford EcoBoost V6 with 335 horsepower and 563 Nm of torque, equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission. The design of the Bronco is impressive, with a large front grille, circular headlamps and American-style decoration.
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The doors are removable
The 'Outer Banks' and 'Badlands' models both have a wheelbase of 2.95 metres, bonnet-mounted mirrors and frameless windows. The doors are removable and can be dismantled and stored inside the car in just eight minutes.
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The characteristics of the 'Outer Banks' model
The 'Outer Banks' is 4.81 metres long, 1.85 metres high and 1.92 metres wide, with 18-inch Machined black high-gloss aluminium alloy wheels. The boot has a maximum capacity of 820 litres and has a towable mass of 1250 kg, with an unladen weight of 2212 kg. The four-wheel drive system is a semi-permanent 4×4 with manual engagement and the traction management system has six G.O.A.T. (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) modes.
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The characteristics of the 'Badlands'
Badlands' is 4.80 metres long, 1.96 metres high and 1.93 metres wide, with a maximum boot capacity of 873 litres, an empty weight of 2343 kg and a towable mass of 1200 kg. It has Carbonized Grey front grille, steel underbody protection plates, 33-inch All-terrain tyres, 17-inch Machined Carbonized Gray aluminium alloy wheels. The traction management system adds a racing-inspired G.O.A.T. 'Baja' mode.
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The interior of the Ford Bronco is comfortable, the infotainment is the latest generation SYNC 4 with Android auto and Apple carplay with wireless mirroring, as is the charging for smartphones, updates take place Over The Air. The washable seats are leather, with heated and electrically adjustable front seats.
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The Trail Turn assist system
The Bronco has several useful off-road functions, including Trail Turn assist, which allows the car to practically turn in on itself. In addition, Trail Control will automatically manage the throttle and braking, while the driver only takes care of the trajectory.
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Pricing and availability
Both 'Outer Banks' and 'Badlands' have everything as standard and, as optional extras, you can only choose equipment such as a box cover, roof transport systems and a camping tent. The first model costs 77,000 euro, the second 81,000 euro. Both can be ordered and the first deliveries are scheduled for July.
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