Electrifying rebirth: BMW 5 series revamps and challenges the future with style, technology and power

The rebirth of the BMW 5 Series takes the Bavarian flagship saloon to new heights. With a complete aesthetic and functional reworking, it presents itself more imposing, adopting an aggressive and eye-catching design.

The new cockpit is dominated by the BMW Curved Display, which combines instrumentation and infotainment. But the real revolution is under the bonnet: the 5 Series dives into the electric age with the i5 versions. Among them, the M60 xDrive impresses with a twin 601 hp engine, 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.8 seconds and a range of up to 516 km.

An unprecedented evolution for a car that never ceases to amaze.

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A new beginning for the BMW 5 Series
A new life begins for the BMW 5 Series. The benchmark saloon in the Bavarian range changes from top to bottom, evolving in styling, adopting new instrumentation and revolutionising its range with the adoption of the first electric versions in its history.
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Growth in size
The new BMW 5 Series has grown by 97 mm in length to 5.06 m, 32 mm in width (1.90 m) and 36 mm in height (1.52 m). The wheelbase has also increased by 20 mm, giving a total of almost three full metres.
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The frontal design
While maintaining a more restrained profile than the 4 Series and XM, BMW's front end is more menacing, with a wider double kidney grille and thin, angled LED headlights, simulating an angry expression.
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Rear design
At the rear, on the other hand, the wraparound, horizontally developed headlamps make the car look even wider.
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Innovations in the cockpit
The innovations continue in the cockpit and consist mainly of an entirely transformed dashboard compared to the previous generation.
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The technological instrumentation is dominated by the BMW Curved Display consisting of the 12.3-inch panel for driving information and the 14.9-inch screen for infotainment.
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The electrification of the BMW 5 Series
The 5 Series range is highly electrified. Starting with the absolute novelties, here are the i5, the battery-only versions.
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The power of the M60 xDrive
The most powerful by far, however, is the M60 xDrive, with twin electric motors producing 601 hp and 795 Nm (820 Nm when using the M Sport Boost function or Launch Control), 0-100 km/h of 3.8 seconds, a top speed of 230 km/h and a range of 455 to 516 km.
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The eDrive40 at launch
At launch there is a choice of the eDrive40 with a rear-mounted electric motor producing 340 hp and 430 Nm, for 0-100 km/h acceleration of 6 seconds, a top speed of 193 km/h and WLTP range of 477 to 582 km.
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AC charging options
The electric 5 Series can charge up to 11 kW in AC, but through an optional package this can be increased to 22 kW. In DC, on the other hand, the car accepts up to 205 kW to achieve 156 km of charging in about 10 minutes.
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