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Alfa Romeo F1, an unprecedented work of art

To celebrate the approaching Formula 1 2023 world championship, the Alfa Romeo racing team showed a single-seater signed Boggie, designer, illustrator and graffiti artist.

The show car will also be displayed in London and Zurich where fans can admire its colors.

At the end of the season, the car will be auctioned off to raise funds for Save the Children.

Visitors to ICE 2023 in London, the Global Gaming Hub ofExCel, will be able to see it in person at booth Stake, Feb. 7-9. The itinerary will also touch on the city of Zurich and the locations of the F1 Grand Prix scheduled for 2023.

photo Alfa Romeo
A special livery
To celebrate the approaching 2023 Formula 1 World Championship, the Alfa Romeo team showed a single-seater car signed Boogie designer , illustrator and graffiti artist.
photo Alfa Romeo
Who is Boogie
Boogie, German-born graffiti artist, designer and illustrator living in Switzerland, has an artistic career that has led him to create content in more than 40 countries, with some of the world's biggest brands and with some of the most accomplished artists of his generation.
photo Alfa Romeo
His creation
Boogie used his expertise to create a unique work of art, which was presented in the beautiful setting of Waldhaus Flims, with the Swiss Alps as a backdrop.
photo Alfa Romeo
It will go to auction
After the 2023 season, Boggie'sArt Car will be auctioned off by Memento Exclusives through F1 Authentics, to raise funds for Save the Children,Alfa Romeo F1 Team's charitable partner, in order to give back to the community.
photo Alfa Romeo
The words of Boogie
Boogie, the artist who created theArt Car, explained the various meanings behind the livery: "The opportunity to paint a Formula One car doesn't come along every day-it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and doing it for a team based in Switzerland has a special meaning for me."
photo Alfa Romeo
The presentation
The Art car can be seen at ICE 2023 in London, the Global Gaming Hub dell’ExCel, at stand Stake, from Feb. 7 to 9. The itinerary will also touch on the city of Zurich and the locations of the Grand Prix di F1 scheduled for 2023.
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