Renault Rafale: the 200-hp suv-coupé that challenges the D-suv segment with cutting-edge technologies

Renault reveals its new SUV-coupé model called Renault Rafale. Based on the CMF-CD modular platform, the suv-coupé aims to conquer the D-SUV segment. Equipped with advanced technology, 

the Rafale promises an excellent driving experience without penalising space or passenger equipment. Available in five different body colours and equipped with a nine-segment Solarbay active glass system, the Rafale offers a wide range of equipment including the OpenR system and the Véhicle Motion Control electronic rear-wheel steering device. 

Initially offered with the 200 hp E-Tech Full Hybrid petrol hybrid, the suv-coupé's hybrid system will be optimised to reach a power output of 300 hp.

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Renault launches its new suv-coupé, the Rafale
Renault has launched its new suv-coupé, the Rafale, to compete in the D-suv segment alongside the already launched Renault Espace. The Rafale aims to offer an excellent driving experience without penalising passengers in terms of space and equipment. The first models will be marketed in spring 2024.
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Features of the Renault Rafale
Based on the CMF-CD modular platform, the Renault Rafale comes with a raised fastback body that is 4.71 metres long, 1.86 metres wide and 1.61 metres high. The new suv-coupé boasts a revised front grille and a new light signature from the French brand. The Rafale will be available in five body colours: 'Passion Red', 'Nero Étoilé', 'Grigio Scisto Lucido' and two new shades 'Bianco Perlato Satinato' and 'Blu Alpine'.
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Technology available to driver and passengers
The technology of the new Renault Rafale is provided by a Solarbay glass roof with PDLC technology, which has an active system to opacify the nine segments of the glass. The system can create animations and is controlled via Google Assistant or the special button on the ceiling light. The OpenR system, consisting of two displays forming an L, serves as the instrument cluster and touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard.
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Safety and equipment of the Renault Rafale
The new suv-coupé boasts all the safety equipment available on Renault's latest suvs. The Rafale is equipped with four-wheel steering and the electronic rear-wheel steering device, Véhicle Motion Control, which improves cornering speed and wheel positioning on uneven roads.
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The new Renault Rafale is equipped with a 200 hp E-Tech Full Hybrid petrol-powered engine mated to a multi-mode clutchless transmission. The Rafale can drive around town 80 per cent of the time in full electric mode, offering a combined consumption of 4.7 litres/100 km. In addition, the suv-coupé's hybrid system will be optimised to reach a power output of 300 hp with the addition of another electric motor on the rear axle, offering all-wheel drive. The Rafale E-Tech 4x4 300 hp will be a plug-in hybrid, allowing a large part of daily journeys to be carried out solely in electric mode.
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